Tiddo Muda


Website is on its way

This year I started working as a freelance animator. In my spare time I’m in my laboratory, painstakingly pouring blood, sweat and tears in the creation of my identity and website.

It’s my first time working on a website and I’m glad to be able to write it’s getting there. So to celebrate that joyful little fact I made a small teaser trailer.

Meanwhile some of my work and background is available for all to see through Vimeo, LinkedIn and Soundcloud.

I’d be glad to answer any questions, take on work or chat through the occasionally delightful Facebook and the evermore preferable medium of email.

For now email can be directed at tiddo[dot]muda[at]gmail[dot]com.


As of yet I’m still working on this website, so until it is ready I’m inviting you to see some of my work and resume by clicking the following links: